A Greener Härnösand


Short Program 2014-2018 Green Party in Härnösand Steps for a sustainable, vibrant and inclusive municipality


Climate change is in our time, perhaps the greatest challenge. We must now act decisively, locally, nationally and globally, to climate proof society for future generations. We need to develop new technologies, new habits and develop comprehensive environmental management system.

  • We want to develop Härnösand to an increasingly active climate municipality by:
  • Prioritize the East Coast double track with immediate building between Härnösand - Sundsvall
  • Provide attractive, accessible public transport where young people can ride for Free
  • Build continuous cycle routes and safe walkways
  •  Work for a sustainable travel policy and an internal municipal climate fund
  • Develop biogas from food waste and 100% recycling of waste management
  • Promote local cultivation, with allotments and plan a cycle greenhouse
  • Keep working for a sustainable urban planning, both in the city and in rural areas


Härnösand’s identity as a center for education needs to be restored and developed. The school should be a place to look forward to. Students need time with their teachers. Teachers must be given higher status and less bureaucracy.

We want to develop Härnösand’s school environments by:

  • Opting for a new Campus Härnösand and expanded Polytechnic.
  • Work for higher wages and less paperwork for teachers
  • Ensure smaller groups of children in preschool classes
  • Opt for more teachers in the classroom with a variety of skills
  • All schools should work with the environment and equality
  • Ensure that we have non-toxic preschools and organic school meals
  • Offer free Culture and Music in schools


Major investments are needed to shift to a sustainable society. The shift would create many new local jobs in companies and in the public sector. Collaboration between industry and the municipality is a given factor.

We want to profile Härnösand as a creative entrepreneurial city and a center of sustainability by:

  • Develop a business strategy for economically, socially and ecologically sustainable development
  • Facilitate local procurement with environmental and social concerns
  • Introduce service guarantees and more e-services for companies
  • Facilitate Social Entrepreneurship and Cooperatives
  • Invest in infrastructure and energy technologies such as solar energy and biogas
  • Prioritize sustainable tourism, culture workers and innovation
  • Decrease youth unemployment by half and invest in education and meaningful measures for the unemployed
  • Encourage the creation of new government operations in Härnösand


The proximity to water and nature, cultural activity and the vast number of associations make Härnösand a great place to live. A sustainable society for Härnösand is based on opportunity for engagement and co-creation that contributes to security of everyone who wants to live here.

We want to develop Härnösand as an attractive living environment for both young and older people by:

  • Investing in being a creative culture municipality and a regional cultural center
  • Developing the center of town with waterfront promenades, accessible venues, games and local trade
  • Continue to develop attractive and accessible natural and recreational areas, including creating a Health path and development of Vårdkasen and Smitingen
  • Develop school yards and parks, creating more places for spontaneous activities and support the voluntary sector
  • Work for security and gender equality in the public sphere
  • Strive for sustainable housing


Härnösand has roots in the whole world. Every person is unique and should be given the chance to create a meaningful life. Everyone should have that opportunity regardless of gender, origin or sexual orientation. A collective cohesion is required for society to work as a whole. Society works better if we are secure and when we can get help if we have problems, become old or were forced to flee.

To achieve such a society we want Härnösand to:

  • Have a perspective of accessibility in all municipal planning.
  • Develop an expert center for the reception of unaccompanied youth refugees
  • Establish a trauma center in Härnösand
  • Provide dignified care and support of family
  • Support local actors in care, where quality comes before profit
  • Support the women's shelter and the formation of a male hot line
  • Work actively for non-discrimination and skills development in multiculture, LGBT, gender issues and sign language

The Green Party is part of a global green movement that strives for a world where everyone can live good lives without compromising the ability of future generations. The foundation of our ideology is three solidarities:

✮ Solidarity with animals, nature and the ecological system

✮ Solidarity with future generations

✮ Solidarity with all the world's people

The Green Party in Härnösand has since 2010, been in the majority with control of the municipality. We have taken important steps for a sustainable, vibrant and inclusive community.

The Green Party stands for dynamic leadership with the municipality being a compassionate and learning organization that encourages people to grow and develop. We want employees to be able to influence their work situation and their working hours to suit the different periods of life. The municipality must take a tough stand against market structures and for equal pay.

The Green Party wants to develop democracy and civic dialogue, taking responsibility for a sustainable economy, promoting democratic Green IT and develop Härnösand as a local, regional and global meeting place.

Now we ask for continued support so we can continue to lead Härnösand’s municipality another term!


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