Local election manifesto in english


Climate and environment

The climate and Our environment are todays critical issues. Climate canʼt wait. Thatʼs why we will work for: 

**. Faster implementation of Höganäs Environment Plan and Nature Conservation Plan

** Create a nature reserve area

** Cleaner sea and coastal environment

**. Create meadows in roadside ditches and road safety islands

**. Start recycling of textiles and furniture


Public transportation and bicycles

We want more people to use public transport instead of driving, better yet bicycle. We will work for:

**. Rail transportation along route 111

**. An ambitious Bicycle Plan

**. Free public transport for youth

**. More frequent busses to and from villages


Economy Shortsighted

Economic planning must be replaced by long range planning where life cycle considerations and not only money are included. We will work for:

**. Climate goals are equally important as financial goals

**. Borrow money to finance climate friendly investments

**. Speed up investment in the climate 

**. Support our local production of goods and food, especially environment friendly and organic



Good schools cost money. We will work for:

**. Enough classrooms so that all children can go to school where they live

**. School personnel can take courses while receiving salary in order to be accredited

**. For young children, smaller groups and more personnel

**. Increased support for Eric Ruth culture school


Quality of life

Investments in environment and climate go hand in hand with better quality of life and health. We will work for:

**. Start up an “ocean house” i Höganäs harbor.

**. Assist elderly people who want to move to smaller housing

**. Support and clubs and organizations in the villages

**. Every village should have a room for meetings

**. Improve and enlarge the library, or build a cultural center with a new library



We will work for increased public participation and influence:

**. Improved citizen dialogs and allow citizen suggestions by internet

**. Actively support organizations that help newly arrived immigrants to integrate

**. Reduce those payments to politicians that appear to be too high

**. Require organizations to improve equality in order to receive grants


Sustainable Höganäs — Our vision

A sustainable Höganäs rests on three pillars:

- Ecological sustainability - Social sustainability  - Economic sustainability

To achieve a sustainable Höganäs we believe in a method called nudging. Small movements in the right direction add together to create large changes.


You can see some of what we do by reading this brochure. We work with many more issues than you see here. Our full political program for Höganäs is at www.mp.se/hoganas.

Follow us on Facebook or write us at [email protected].

Call us: Barbro Stigsdotter, 070-924 23 13 Johan Ingvarsson, 072-251 27 69


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