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We want to build a sustainable society, that takes on climate change while creating tomorrow's new jobs.

Spokespersons Åsa Romson and Gustav Fridolin at the party congress 2011.

Welcome to the official Swedish Green Party website. Our election manifesto for the 2010 elections and the general leaflet are available in 15 different languages.

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Instead of a party leader, the Swedish Green Party has two spokepersons, a man and a woman. At the 2011 congress, Åsa Romson and Gustav Fridolin were elected spokespersons.

Parliamentary group

The Swedish Green Party first entered parliament 1988, as the first party in 70 years to do so.In 1991, the party in didn't manage the 4 % hurdle, but was able to reenter in 1994 and has stayed in parliament since. The latest elections were held in September 2010; the Swedish Green Party  obtained 7.34 % of the votes and became the third largest party with 25 seats out of a total of 349.

One of the deputy speakers, Ulf Holm, is a green MP.

Former spokesperson Peter Eriksson is chairperson of the Committee on the Consitution and MP Jonas Eriksson is vice chairperson of the Committee on Industry and Trade.

Green parliamentary group leaders are Mehmet Kaplan and Gunvor G Ericson.

EU parliament

In the latest elections to the EU parliament, in June 2014, the Swedish Green Party obtained 15.4 %. As a result Peter Eriksson, Bodil Ceballos and Max Andersson joins Swedish green MEP Isabella Lövin and the Green Group in Brussels and Strasbourg.

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