Welcome to the Green Party in Skåne.

Together, we want to work for a more humane, climate-smarter and more environmentally friendly Skåne. Here you can read our to-do list for Region Skåne.

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Cheaper public transport

Regardless of whether you live in a city or in the countryside, it should be easy and cheap to travel by public transport. That is why we in the Green Party want to make big investments in Skånetrafiken, with lower ticket prices and more departures.

We want to

  • Lower ticket prices. We want to significantly reduce ticket prices and introduce better discounts at Skånetrafiken.
  • More departures. We want to stop the recent years’ cuts to public transport routes in Skåne. Instead, we want more bus departures, new double-decker trains and new rail traffic between Helsingborg and Höganäs, Malmö and Staffanstorp as well as Malmö and Näset.
  • Faster travel times. By expanding and upgrading the railway in Skåne, punctuality can increase and journeys can go faster.

A tough climate policy

The changing climate affects us all. The Green Party runs a powerful climate and environmental policy that both reduces emissions and makes your everyday life easier.

We want to

  • Reduce emissions. We want Region Skåne to reduce its emissions, aim for tougher climate targets and end the ongoing subsidies for the regional airports.
  • Lower electricity prices. Windpower is the fastest way to increase electricity production. These are not our words but the industry’s. We want to see more offshore wind power and we’re saying no to new nuclear power plants in Skåne.
  • Stop the mines. We love the nature in Skåne. That is why we want more protected areas, both on land and at sea. We are also fighting to stop the mining plans in Österlen and in central Skåne and want to introduce a total ban on mining in alum shale formation.

Shorter queues in health care.

The waiting times in Skåne health care are far too long. Many employees are on their knees and the hospitals have been forced to implement large savings packages. Now the under-funding of the Skånes care must end and the waiting queues be shortened. Everyone should receive good care at the right time.

We want to:

  • Invest in the staff. The working environment in healthcare must be much better. We want to implement a large personnel investment in Region Skåne, with higher wages, less overtime, more colleagues, better schedules and guaranteed recovery time.
  • Shorter queues for psychiatry. Mental illness must be taken as seriously as a broken leg or a damaged heart. We want to re-enforce the psychiatry care in Region Skåne with 500 million SEK. No child should have to wait to receive help from BUP (Child and Adolescent Psychiatry). We also want there to be at least one psychologist at each health centre.
  • Cheaper dental care. We want dental care to be included in the high-cost protection. Then the price will be a maximum of SEK 1,200 per year to go to the dentist or dental hygienist.
  • Equal care. We want women’s health care to be more prioritized and implement a major investment in maternity care. Care for pregnancy and birth injuries must be much better. We also want to improve the treatment and care of LGBTQIA+ people.