The Green Party in Skåne’s manifesto for elections 2018

The Swedish Green Party wants to work for a Skåne that is built on solidarity for people, animals and nature. The environment and the climate are the momentous issues of our time. We need courageous politicians and citizens who dare to see the opportunities and to prioritise the switch to a climate-friendly society. The Green Party is prepared to take up the fight for the future in tough political negotiations on a daily basis.

In Skåne, the Green Party aims to increase the proportion of sustainable travel, and we want more people to use public transport. Trains and buses have to be attractive, comfortable and arrive on time. We want to extend the existing tracks and build new ones in Skåne. This is absolutely vital if we are to achieve more, faster and more punctual train travel.

All of Skåne’s residents must be able to access rapid, high-quality care, and for this reason we are aiming to invest more in Skåne’s health centres. We intend to make vigorous efforts to combat increasing mental ill health. This preventive work is central for the Party, and we want to invest in improved public health. A greater number of Skåne’s residents should have a job and meaningful leisure time.

A vote for the Green Party is a vote for equality, humanity and belief in the future. The notion that all people have equal rights and are of equal value is absolutely central for the Green Party. It is now that we have to be courageous together, taking responsibility for both the planet and each other. The Green Party’s view is that politics has to take the lead towards a sustainable future. Now. The climate cannot wait.

The Green Party in Skåne wants:

1. For Skåne to be fossil fuel-free and climate neutral by 2030

2. To shorten travel times and increase the punctuality of public transport by means of a stable system of trains and buses

3. To implement more measures to achieve cleaner surface water, watercourses, lakes and sea, as well as to secure access to clean water in Skåne

4. To invest SEK 250 million a year in order to create health-promoting primary care with no queues

5. Increase accessibility within child and adolescent psychiatric services

6. Make the entire sustainable journey, from door to door, more attractive

7. Introduce more structured aftercare following childbirth

8. Double the financial investments in public health during the period 2018-2022

9. For people to be able to have contact with a psychologist at every health centre

10. To work to remove the border controls over the Öresund

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