Other Languages

Other Languages

Welcome to Swedish Green Party in the city of Karlstad.
In Karlstad, the Green Party is part of the coalition governing the municipality of Karlstad.

Our two spokespersons are Monika Bubholz and Robert Halvarsson.


Information about our politics in the municipality of Karlstad can be found here in the following languages:


German deutsch

Spanish español

Arabic اللغة العربية

Assyrian ܣܽܘܪܝܳܝܳܐ

Polish po polsku

Russian по-русски



Swedish svenska

Teckenspråk / Sign language (Swedish)


Information about our politics on a national level in other languages than Swedish is found here.


If you are interested in getting involved in the Swedish green movement, you are very welcome to our meetings. In our Calender, you can find out when they take place.

You can also become a member straight away. If you don’t have a Swedish ID, email service@mp.se to get assistance.

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