A modern, environmentally friendly and humane Linköping

Zero emissions 2035

Linköping has every opportunity to take the lead in climate work and increase the quality of life for the people of Linköping. By rapidly reducing our emissions globally, we are reaching the Paris Agreement. It is urgent, but not too late, to address climate change.

With cleaner air, more greenery and more meeting places, we can create a society with a comfortable pace, where it is close to school, work and activities and where our electricity and heat come from renewable sources.

We want:

  • make Linköping Sweden’s best city to walk, cycle and take public transport in.
  • sharpen the municipality’s climate goals so that we reach zero emissions by 2035.
  • prepare Linköping for a changing climate.

Children are the future

Linköping’s preschools and schools should be a place for curiosity and knowledge. It should not matter where you live, what your parents’ education is or which school you choose – every preschool and school should be equally good.

All children and young people, especially those living in uncertain and vulnerable environments, need a strong welfare that captures them. Then more teachers are needed in the school and staff in the preschool, so that the children groups become smaller. Students must receive the right support from student health and all children must be able to go to leisure centers and have a rewarding leisure time. Associations that work with socially disadvantaged children and young people must receive better municipal support.

We want:

  • employ more trained staff in preschool and school.
  • greatly increase student health and set a minimum level for how well staffed it should be at each school.
  • let all children go to leisure centers, open more leisure centers and build more sports halls.

A safe and cohesive Linköping

Linköping should be a municipality where people from different backgrounds and with different experiences meet in a mixture of housing, activities and inspiring meeting places. In order to break the escalating violence, crime prevention measures must be implemented early and allowed to cost money.

To give everyone the support they need, we want to invest heavily in social services. More education and resources are needed to counter men’s violence against women, as well as honor-related violence and oppression. Local security hosts and good SFI teaching to improve integration. In elderly care, we want to counteract loneliness among the elderly and remove split schedules for the staff. In order to improve the quality of the home care service, it should be run under municipal management. More local cultural scenes and good conditions for associations and cultural practitioners are needed for a vibrant cultural life.

We want:

  • make it easier for people to learn Swedish and get a job.
  • invest a lot of money in social services and elderly care.
  • enable more local culture and cultural scenes.

A green and self-sufficient Linköping

Fantastic nature and sparkling lakes characterize our municipality. More greenery in the city, more nature reserves and a preserved beach protection means that more Linköping residents have access to nature while we preserve biodiversity.

The importance of securing food supply is becoming increasingly clear. Therefore, we want to protect agricultural land from buildings and set requirements for locally produced and organic food in schools, preschools and nursing homes. A circular society where everyone can sort sources where they live and that it is possible to reuse and recycle even if you do not have access to a car means that we handle natural resources sparingly. That is why we want to set up a mini recycling center in the city.

We want:

  • safeguard beach protection and biodiversity.
  • make it easier to sort sources where you live.
  • secure food supply by protecting agricultural land.

About us

Every human being has the right to be himself and to make his own choices. Every human being also has a responsibility to take care of his fellow human beings and the planet we share. The Green Party wants to be a voice for those who cannot make their voices heard.
Our ideology is based on three solidarities:

  • Solidarity with animals, nature and the ecological system.
  • Solidarity with future generations.
  • Solidarity with all the people of the world.

A green society is based on a holistic view – everything is connected and interdependent. The Green Party arose from movements for the environment, solidarity, gender equality and peace. Issues that are even more actual today. We are a political alternative for anyone who recognizes the challenges facing humanity and who wants to meet them with faith in the future. The environmental issue is a class issue and the class issue an environmental issue.