Election manifesto 2022

The only green party

We are constantly looking for long-term solutions for a world where everyone can live good lives without damaging both the planet and humans. Politics and people’s commitment are the key to success. Green politics should be fun and engaging and provide answers to how we create a better society.

We work purposefully to counteract power structures, discrimination and increased socio-economic gaps. We transform our insight that we are dependent on each other and our nature into solidarity and ethical responsibility. It leads to a lasting improvement in the living conditions of humans and nature.

Below you can read what issues we will pursue in Helsingborg over the next 4 years. If you vote for us, you can contribute to a change. Everyone must take part in the transition to a more equal society!

The best in climate and environment

In Helsingborg, it should be easy to live climate and environment smart.

We want to:

  • have more cultivation, colony areas and nature reserves.
  • see better bicycle and public transport.
  • have more solar cells and charging posts.
  • increase the proportion of vegetarian, organic and locally grown food.
  • protect the Öresund.

More power for the people of Helsingborg!

Power emanates from the citizens.

We want to:

  • give the people of Helsingborg more chances to influence.
  • introduce a citizens’ budget.
  • see more people’s initiatives.
  • see increased support for associations.
  • conduct referendums on major issues.

Dignified health and social care

It is not possible to set a specific timeline for a person’s needs.

We want (to):

  • see more time for social gatherings in elderly care.
  • that people with assistance may have money left over.
  • counteract involuntary loneliness.
  • that the staff has a good working environment.
  • see homely green environments in elderly care homes.

Everything starts with a good preschool and school

Children and youth in Helsingborg should like going to school.

We want (to):

  • that children should feel the desire to learn and believe in the future.
  • that teachers should be prioritized
  • invest more in the school to be able to meet each student needs.
  • that the school’s resources should go to the students.
  • see more adults in school.

A Helsingborg for all

Helsingborg should be a place for everyone.

We want (to):

  • that everyone should be able to participate in society, regardless of functional level.
  • that the security of LGBTQ community should increases.
  • counteract and prevent abuse in all environments.
  • enhance the efforts for vulnerable people in the muncipality.
  • that the city’s employees should reflect the society.

More people should feel better

We prioritize preventive health care with a focus on quality of life.

We want (to):

  • reduce sick leave.
  • that mental illness should be prioritized and prevented.
  • that everyone should given a new chance.
  • see healthy living environments.
  • enhance student health.

Welcome, new Helsingborgers!

Helsingborg should be a welcoming city!

We want (to):

  • that people on the run are given a chance to find a home.
  • see that the reception is characterized by compassion.
  • that the welcoming is better and explicit.
  • see an easy way into society and work.
  • make use of each person’s competence.

Quality of life in all areas

A good municipality for children is a good municipality for everyone.

We want (to):

  • that each area is the children’s area.
  • have proximity to service throughout the municipality.
  • that more areas in the city should be car-free.
  • have more close green areas and dog parks.
  • increase self-sufficiency in each area.

From Utvälinge to Ottarp and Öresund to Mörarp

The green transition begins in the countryside.

We want (to):

  • cherish arable land and prioritize local cultivation.
  • have more biodiversity.
  • expand public transport and improve cycle paths between urban and rural areas.
  • see good public service and more meeting areas for everyone.
  • see increased support for the Village Act.

All of town is your town

Helsingborg must be safe for everyone. 

We want (to):

  • increase the preventive cooperative work between social service, police, schools and after school centers and other leisure activities.
  • call off the recruitment of young people into criminal structures.
  • fight the black economy and the selling and use of drugs.
  • prioritize the work against honour-related violence and oppression.
  • prioritize the work against domestic violence and men’s abuse of women.

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